• We use Majestic Commercial as our vehicle preparation specialists in every Australian and New Zealand location because they understand our business better than any other supplier in the marketplace. The Majestic staff work with us on each location to ensure that the Apollo/Majestic team deliver the product that satisfies our customer’s demands and quite simply that is what makes our business succeed.

     With so many opportunities for things to go wrong in this business, it is great to know that Majestic Commercial is just a phone call away and they resolve any issues immediately, irrespective of the location in Australia or New Zealand. That is what I need in a supplier – as well as the best product at the best price, let’s not forget that.

    Alex Gaborit
    Operation Manager
    Apollo Campers and Holidays

  • THA has been utilising the services of Majestic Commercial on a variety of our sites across Australia for many years and their contribution to our business success has been significant.

     Majestic understand our business and more importantly, what a cleaning standard is and they have the trained staff to deliver to that standard. Timely vehicle preparation at a reasonable cost is a critical formula for our business and the Majestic Commercial approach ensures that we all succeed in this regard.

    Sarah-Jane Thilbury
    Operations Manager
    Tourism Holdings Australia

  • Hertz Australia have utilised a number of different vehicle cleaning organisations since we established the business in Australia and it is extraordinary how diverse is the approach taken by each of these firms to the same task. Reliable, cost effective cleaning to an agreed standard in an agreed timeframe has been the standard specification for the work from the outset, but the results from each organisation has been far from standard.

     Majestic Commercial are relative new comers to our business however, they have already made a significant difference to our business and they certainly know how to deliver on a contract specification. The approach by the General Manager of Majestic to our business requirements has been refreshing and his enthusiasm to make a site succeed is very much reflected in the attitude of all his teams working on our sites.

     I am not surprised that Majestic Commercial have quickly expanded their presence within the hertz Australia operation and I anticipate further growth into the future for them based on their performance to date. 

     Tristram Pomroy
    NSW Operation Manager
    Hertz Australia