Majestic Commercial Pty Ltd began life as a family owned commercial office, restaurant and bank cleaning business and quickly established a reputation for quality customer service, strong performance and fast reaction to customer service requirements. As our reputation grew, so did our customer base and our service offering. Utilising the extensive stone care expertise of our General Manager, Majestic Commercial became known as a primary provider of marble and natural stone rejuvenation services in Sydney. With the completion of stone care projects in landmark buildings such as the Victoria Galleries, Macquarie Bank, The Sofitel and the Opera House, Majestic Commercial’s skills were recognised throughout the cleaning industry and those skills were in high demand from many large cleaning companies unable to match the results obtained by Majestic Commercial.

As a direct consequence of our growing reputation for quality cleaning results, an opportunity to move into the detailed cleaning of motorhomes for hire for the then largest operator in the industry, was accepted by Majestic Commercial and we quickly expanded this aspect of the business into all capital cities in Australia as well as Alice Springs and Cairns. This decision changed both the services offered by Majestic Commercial and significantly the size of the business, which now has a strong operational presence in all Australian capitals as well as Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand.

Our capabilities are only limited by the opportunities available as our engaged workforce has grown along with our business in both competence and experience. Majestic Commercial now details and prepares for hire over 1 million vehicles every year and many of our dedicated teams have been with Majestic Commercial throughout our journey. They are the backbone of our business and what makes the Majestic difference to our customers.