Majestic Commercial embraces new technologies and innovation as a means of increasing performance, improving efficiency, quality and to minimise risk to client assets and to our personnel.

Part of the ongoing development of our delivery systems is the thorough evaluation of new and emerging equipment options and improved environmental products to determine their ability to add value to the Majestic Commercial vehicle preparation system. We work closely with innovation and technology leaders across the industry from Chemical Suppliers, University Researchers and equipment innovators in industry to ensure that we are always providing cutting edge, high end services to current and prospective clients. We utilise the expertise of our product suppliers to continuously review and adjust the cleaning products we use and recommend based on the long term professional relationship we have maintained with these suppliers.

We also encourage our own people through incentives to participate in the development of better solutions for our clients. The development of better work flows and improved resource allocation is a consequence of this process and our people continue to be our most important contributors to innovative improvements in our work performance. Innovation is a key motivator for staff and having everyone in a position where they have access to the best quality equipment, new technology and best practices allows Majestic Commercial to provide the highest quality services every time to our clients.

Vehicles meticulously and efficiently prepared by the Majestic team.