We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of professional cleanliness possible in all of our customer’s sites. We have developed the systems necessary to successfully tackle every cleaning challenge that commercial cleaning presents. With a portfolio built through diligence and professionalism and our many satisfied customers are only too pleased to verify this performance.


Majestic Commercial’s business objective is to always focus on our core competencies of rejuvenation and maintenance cleaning of commercial sites, specifically in the hospitality industry. We are always prepared to go the extra mile and exceeding customer expectations is our primary goal. We achieve this through a nurturing approach to the relationship between our staff and our clients which delivers a valued and sustainable relationship with our clients. Doesn’t matter if the job relates to maintaining a fleet of vehicles for hire or a cleaning a multi-storey office block with marble foyers or the daily cleaning of a prestigious five star hotel, Majestic Commercial has the experience and skills to present your business better than anyone else.