By utilising only the correct cleaning method and maintenance procedures, the appearance of our customer’s assets are enhanced and the life of the surfaces so treated is extended. Unnecessary expenditure on replacement capital items such as terrazzo and stone tiled areas, bathrooms in motorhomes or carpet areas in busy hotels, all can be greatly reduced by the introduction of successful maintenance programs. Majestic Commercial are specialists in hard floor restoration and maintenance as well as an internationally renowned fleet maintenance contractor.


Majestic Commercial consults to the largest commercial cleaning companies in Australia as a consequence of our many years of experience in hard floor rejuvenation and maintenance. Majestic Commercial was appointed to clean the Olympic Park Rail Platforms because the engaged contractor was unable to deliver the desired result. Majestic Commercial was appointed to rejuvenate the Sydney Opera House terrazzo floors because the existing contractors were unable to complete the work to our standards. Majestic Commercial maintains the highest standards of customer service as a result of our experienced staff, our basic business philosophy and our commitment to sustaining a long-term relationship with every customer. We continually research the latest techniques, products and processes to ensure that we remain relevant and commercially competitive. This is very much why we have grown to become one of the most respected operators in our industry and that is a reputation hard won and passionately defended. We do it right first time – every time.