Majestic Commercial has been an active participant in the motorhome and car rental industry across Australia for more than 20 years as a provider of vehicle cleaning labour to the largest providers in the industry. The key to our success in this operation totally depends on our ability to manage the diversity of people, challenges and circumstances which present themselves on a daily basis across the nation and New Zealand.

We proactively respond to these challenges as they arise ensuring that our people understand the demands of both our customer and those of our customer’s customer, and we are committed to delivering the level of service that matches everyone’s expectations. This commitment to active participation in problem solving and “coal face” action as required is a significant part of Majestic Commercial’s management style.

It also requires our National Operations Team to have an appreciation of the upstream and downstream activities undertaken by others involved in the vehicle hire process and to be reactive to those issues. Some of our site based team members initially worked for our customer’s business and this cross-pollination helps to build even greater understanding of the intricacies of all aspects of vehicle preparation.

We focus our service offering on quality, efficiency and continual improvement through personal service on each site. We are continually adjusting that offering to meet the changing demands of our client’s customers, creating and re-training multi-skilled teams operating on a multitude of sites.


• Majestic Commercial operates motorhome preparation and hire car detailing operations across Australia and New Zealand and we are well structured to grow our capabilities as required.

• Our current staff numbers vary according to the demands of each site which operates with a Majestic Site Supervisor who liaises with the client’s Site Manager. This provides Majestic Commercial with an onsite contact who has responsibility for the members of the multi-skilled team and delivery of the performance standards demanded on that site.

• The first stage of introduction of our services to a new site is the development of new personnel that match the requirements of the site and who can fully perform the duties required of them on those sites. To date Majestic Commercial has been able to develop very successful teams on every site we have added to our portfolio and we provide ongoing managerial input and training support to ensure that that success continues to meet our customer’s requirements.

• Ongoing management of the entire operation rests with the Executive General Manager of Majestic Commercial who has more than 20 years’ experience in the cleaning industry and over 10 years’ experience in the motorhome preparation industry. He is directly supported by General Manager of Operations Managers with experience comparable to the Executive General Manager in terms of Human Resource and operational management.


Our long held view is that the practical operational relationship that must exist between a supplier of the type of services offered by Majestic Commercial and the client, is the critical aspect of the success of both organisations. A formal contract establishes the guidelines however, if we don’t meet your performance requirements, then we shouldn’t have the job and that is what drives Majestic Commercial to succeed.

In addition to the usual duties associated with vehicle preparation, Majestic Commercial has introduced into our service offering a number of other activities and services that we call the Majestic Difference which you might consider:

Majestic Commercial is well known in our industry for providing not only strong performance and quality outcomes, but we also provide our staff with security of engagement linked to their commitment to meeting our customer’s standards, and we pay them better than industry standards. Many of our staff have worked for Majestic Commercial for more than ten years and that level of loyalty is almost unheard of in this industry. This translates into a stable and committed workforce for our customers and that is crucial to building success in business.

Difficult environments and remote locations can often inhibit even the most organised and professional organisation in terms of achieving optimum performance. Alice Springs for example, is a site that experiences all of the challenges that both these factors can present and then some. The additional costs and practical difficulties associated with operating in this location are significantly more onerous than most other sites in Australia however, Majestic Commercial have been operating in Alice Springs and Darwin for more than ten years very successfully.

Securing accommodation for staff, economically servicing the consumable requirements of the site, maintaining performance standards and cleaning standards by continually reviewing staff capabilities and by re-training where necessary are just some of the methodologies adopted by Majestic Commercial to ensure the business viability of our operations in these regions. The same focus on customer service and performance drives Majestic Commercial’s operations across the country and adding more sites simply improves the viability of the business case.